Maverick’s parents had to put their schnauzer Daisy down today. She had serious problems and was very miserable. She would’ve been six this November. I remembered the poem Bug brought to my attention when his beloved collie Rocky passed on, so I thought I’d make a copy of it and give it to them. They seemed to like it. Heidi is going to be even more spoiled than ever. I found out tonight her nickname is “Piglet.” She ate too much tonight and I wound up cleaning up dog hork. Linda gave her a whole hot dog and I gave her a small bowl of Scooby’s chow. Yep. You guessed it. She’s such a sweetie, even if she is paranoid. She heard the ice drop in the freezer and went ballistic! She’s lying beside me and is silently growling.


Tomorrow marks four years Mav and I have been married. Four years. Wow. A whole presidential term. lol We’re about to go outside to roast some weenies. Monster weenies. Jason’s over and they’re both out there making the fire as big as possible AND shooting fireworks. Dude. Not a good combination. I have a feeling “Weeniefest ’08” is going to go off with a bang. So to speak. Heidi and Scooby did manage to get in on the weenie action.

Happy birthday, Chris Burleson

September 20, 2008

I’ve got some time off from work.  That’s where I’ve been. I’ve been keeping a separate diary. Why haven’t I been putting it online? Melissa is ALWAYS on the computer. Besides, this thing takes too long to boot up and it’s easier to write in a notebook. Not much has been going on, really. I do want to apologize to George. I was having a really bad day and I didn’t feel so good. I hope he understands.

Today was so boring. I thought it was major boring. I even wrote about it in the other diary I’m keeping during my two week “vacation” from work. That was until Mav came in the room and said there was a cop here to see ME. I thought he was joking and maybe it was Jeff, our next door neighbor who just happens to be a cop. He was coming over to help us hook up the satellite and all. Well, it was a Satsuma detective! A lady called in, gave a description of Lita, and said I’d been driving by her house very slowly. I explained to him about Snoopy and how this crazy dog likes to run away from my mom’s house to this lady’s house. I told him the truth. We were simply looking for the dog because he had been known to be there before. That cleared everything up and he left. Good Lord. Cupcake in lockup. That could almost be a bad movie of the week on Lifetime or something.

Maverick and I just finished watching the Garfield Halloween special on Youtube and eating some banana pudding I made earlier. This has been a long day y’all. It started when I got up to go to work at five this morning. I called at 5:30 to ask if I could come in later as I had a bad night. I got home around ten and had practically no sleep. The manager said I wasn’t scheduled to be in until eight. Cool beans. Went back to bed. I left the house around 7:20 or so. I got to witness more stupidity today on the interstate as everyone slammed on the brakes when they saw state troopers. We cruised by them at 50 mph. Um, the speed limit is 70 and I doubt they would’ve done anything. ANYWAY….I am almost to Lowes when a head cashier calls me on the cell phone and says I don’t have to be at work until 3. WTF??? So I turn around and head home, but I stopped at Walmart for gas (do you think I might need it at this point?) and some groceries. It was Customer Appreciation Day. Did they give out discounts or valuable services? Noooo. They gave out slices of cake. Hmmph. Well, I went home and cut some more zzzs until about 12:30. Work was fine, it was just long. I even managed to work out in the garden center for about an hour for a girl’s lunch break. I think I got out of there around 9:30, as the customers just wouldn’t leave! Yes, I stopped by Walmart on the way home. I had to get the stuff to make the pudding with.

Mobile has managed to add a few more to the Bayfest lineup. Wynonna Judd and Nelly were added. I’m amazed they were able to find the money after booking Kid Rock. I swear. Someone must have sold their soul on that one. Either that or else he needs the money to pay alimony.

Mav shaved his head again. I took him to Supercuts and he was originally going to get it trimmed. Then he decided to get a flat top. That didn’t work out so well, so he did a Britney and got it all shaved off. It actually looks good on him. I would talk about how early in the morning he looks like Vin Diesel, but I don’t want to gross anyone out. lol Tomorrow, he and his dad and nephews are going to Bass Pro Shop. Again. Lucky.

Melissa has started going to Victory Health Clinic. Maybe this time she will realize what’s going on and actually quit playing around with it. She has a kidney stone right now and she’s hoping to pass it. I know. Yet again, too much info.

Scooby just might be getting lucky soon. Palmer and Linda’s housekeeper’s son has a female dog that resembles Scooby a lot. They’re talking about hooking the two up and maybe getting some puppies out of the deal. Just great. I’m going to be a pimp. A dog pimp.

A couple of nights ago, Mav and I went through the closet. We found “Christy” and a few other things, but what stood out the most was a diary I kept from first grade until sixth grade. It was kind of embarassing to read aloud the entries I made about a guy I had a really big crush on when I was in the first grade. I even found one I kept during high school, but that was seriously boring. I put Mav to sleep while I was reading it.

Well, I’m out. Tomorrow is Keanu Reeves’ birthday. Adios.

Mav and I are watching “Grease 2.” Believe it or not, we started out watching “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and then that led to “The Chipmunk Adventure.” Because the voice of Ms. Miller is the lady from both “Grease” movies, that made Mav want to watch part two. I have to admit. This is one of my favorite movies. I just love Stephanie and Michael. That is a little fantasy of mine. I’d love for Mav to pull up to Lowes on a bike and..hehe.

One of my favorite comic strips ended Sunday. For Better or For Worse. I actually felt like crying, isn’t that something? It ran for nearly thirty years and followed the antics of the Patterson family. There was John and Elly, their kids Michael, Elizabeth, and April, and various friends and family members. There were controversial stories including when Michael’s best friend came out. My favorite story line was when Elizabeth married her high school boyfriend, but it wasn’t a simple story. Between school and college, they broke up and he married some woman who didn’t care a thing about him. When she became pregnant, she decided to let him have the baby and she moved in with some other guy. Comic soap operas. Of course, I like Funky Winkerbean, Garfield, Zits, and Get Fuzzy. Sally Forth is a good one also. Every Easter there is a joke about the daughter having to hide her chocolate bunny rabbit from her mom or else her mother will eat the ears. No matter what she does, her mom always gets it.

I worked 9-5 today. The thing is, they came to me around 1 and said I wasn’t on the schedule. Ha! I was about to be sent home when one of the managers told me I could stay. When I got back from lunch, they put me to work. I was on my knees cleaning under registers and doing all the grunt work. I don’t mind, but I still have a bum leg. By the way, Lowes WAS open yesterday. There were all of five people working in the store and yet the people still came! I also met a lady whose house in the Caribbean islands was taken out by Hanna. Also, I met a lady with an unusual necklace. It had a holographic picture of her dog and a small cannister that contained her dog’s ashes. Interesting, eh? I meet all kinds.

Gustav’s in town

September 1, 2008

It’s almost four in the afternoon. I’m disappointed but at the same time relieved about Gustav. I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be for us. I’m also disappointed it didn’t take out New Orleans. Ha! I know. That’s evil thinking. However, it was as though New Orleans is the ONLY DAMN CITY IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD! Okay, I feel better.

We went out the night before. Yes, we went to Walmart. Melissa had to get a few things and Mav wanted to buy a thank-you card for the man who helped him at the Bass Pro Shop.  I even bought myself some earrings. I guess you can figure where we went next, eh?  We each got a t-shirt and also bought some mugs. Then we went to Ryan’s as Maverick was getting hungry and HAD to have a steak. When we sat down, there were no kids in sight. Boy did that ever change! Those brats didn’t quit screaming the entire time we were there. Why can’t people train their children beforehand? Or at least bring some toys and snacks to distract them? Or better yet, if they’re able to, hire a babysitter OR just not take them out late at night when it’s bedtime????? I know. I’m not a parent, so I can’t speak. However, I’ve had some experience with kids and I wish people would have compassion for other people and their own kids! Hello? When you have children, you can’t be selfish anymore and do what you want when you want. That’s one of the reasons Mav and I haven’t had any kids yet. We know we’re not ready for that yet. And I’m not talking about every parent. There are those out there who do what they have to do and still manage to have time to raise their children the right way.

Okay, off the soap box. We still had some time to kill, so we went to the bar. Before we went there, we stopped at Shell. Mav wanted to give Kent something, so I bought a little “bling” necklace. I also saw a lot of Louisiana tags on all the cars at the station. There appeared to be a mass exodus from our neighbors to the west. We gave Mom one of the mugs from the Bass Pro Shop and then we were on our way. At the bar, I noticed a truck out front with bumper stickers proclaiming the driver’s wiccan affiliations. Hmm. There were witches in there. lol Appropriate. We sang “Elvira” and Mav did the “oom papa mow mows.” We also sang a few more songs. “Swingin” by John Anderson, “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake, and “Vacation” by the Go-Go’s. Yes, we had a pitcher of you-know-what. That along with some Black Cherry Smirnoff and some Bud Lite. Um, I hate beer. I couldn’t finish it. I did have a lot of diet Coke too. There was also a large group of Alabama fans that came in. One of them, I think his name was Jimmy, was a great dancer and singer. Brenda did an amazing job on one of the hardest songs ever. “Alone” by Heart. She said she took it down a few keys to be able to sing it. Ann Wilson has one of the most amazing voices out there and to be honest, I wish I could sing like her. Mav says I should “practice, practice, practice.” Okay, okay. He’s right.

All three of Maverick’s grandparents are now living next door with Palmer and Linda. Melissa has a doctor’s appointment at Victory Health this week. So far, her car isn’t fixed and she’s about to drive us to throw her out if she doesn’t quit with the ‘Joseph/E.J.’ drama. I’ve just decided to ignore it. Let’s see. My father has been dangling the “grandmother’s furniture” carrot in front of me again. Yet again. I’m going to ignore it. Andrea came down on the 28th, I think. It was Thursday, but anyway. She’s been staying with her grandfather on Wednesdays to help out her Uncle Bobby. (blush) She has some kittens she’s trying to give away and believe it or not Maverick said he would consider it. Wow. Once you take into consideration that he hates cats, with the exception of a few stellar cats we’ve known and loved, it’s truly amazing. Jason said his stepfather is back in the hospital. Jonah called and he and Mav stayed on the phone for a long time. I’m also amazed to report I heard a certain Bug was visiting a friend. Dude. He got out of his house TWICE in one year! Wow! lol

That’s about all I can think of to tell, so I’m off to the bathroom. hehe  TMI.